If you're in the market for a diamond, let me share my philosophy. If you like my style, let's do business together.

Go online. I encourage you to tap into the vast number of online educational resources on cut, color, clarity, carat weight, certification and cost. Country of origin, history of cutting and distribution, conflict concerns—it's all there. I am happy to refer you to a few of my favorites. You will find sites that display enormous inventories too, representing millions of dollars' worth of merchandise (secret: these are downloaded inventories from manufacturers, not owned inventory).

Still, it's pretty exciting stuff, to get a thorough look at the once-hidden sanctum of the diamond market. It's empowering for the consumer, and I think it also eases some of the stress of spending when you gain a sense of control of what diamonds can and should cost.

You will want to compare, side by side. What the online experience can't do for you is in fact the most essential part of all: comparing stones side by side, and having an expert help you see the

often subtle distinctions. My philosophy is not to focus your attention on ultra-magnified views or the latest marketing wizardry to sell branded cuts.

I prefer to show diamonds the low-tech, but in my experience, the truly best way for you
—in a private setting, in natural light, the way in which you will see your diamond after you purchase it. Yes, we will use hand-held magnification and even 30X if you desire, and I will demonstrate the "hearts and arrows" phenomenon that appears in many ideal-cut round brilliants. My bias is towards helping you develop your own powers of perception; otherwise, the truth is, you will probably pay too much.

It can take several minutes to develop your eye— so you can see what I see—and only then can you gain a real sense of control over the process. When my clients take the time to not only understand the technical factors (the part you can get online) but also develop their eyes, they come away with a truly memorable experience. I will find exactly what you want, at the right price.

As a direct broker, I buy from scores of global diamond manufacturers and sightholders, giving me access to literally thousands of diamonds. I do not use middlemen for my convenience, because that increases the cost of goods. I will find exactly what you are looking for, guaranteed. No one is more persistent than I am; ask my husband.

Fancy yellow and other colors. They are increasingly popular, and I have good sources for guaranteed natural stones of excellent saturation. Let me show you the difference. Unlike white

diamonds, certificates do not show the specific hue/tone measurement within the broad color ranges. Buyer beware, and you will like my high level of due diligence on your behalf.

Independent laboratory verification. My early career experience was in the highly scientific realm of nuclear power and hazardous materials. For 18 years, I worked shoulder to shoulder with scientists and engineers. I like scientists because I like the way they think, and I have profound respect for the well-equipped laboratory that does not have market bias. Hence, I use a third-party lab to verify and appraise the diamonds I sell, even those with GIA and AGS certificates. This level of care protects your interests and mine, and you will not pay more for that peace of mind.

Guarantees: trade-up and happiness.
If you would like to participate in my "Trade-Up Guaranteed" program, tell me. I can offer 100% of your purchase price towards your next diamond, and you won't pay more for that benefit. While I cannot guarantee your romance, I do guarantee your happiness with me. I welcome the opportunity to serve as your Private Jeweler.

Joanne Wright

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