Your satisfaction is essential to me. These clients and many others are happy to talk to you more in depth about their experience with me. Send me an e-mail request, and I will share their contact information.

She saved us thousands, literally thousands.”

“No one else took the time to tell us the whole story.”

"After all I learned by comparing
diamonds side by side, I can't imagine buying online."

She went out of her way to make sure
it was perfect.”

Kathy Hennessy: My all-time favorite gift from my husband John was when he completely surprised me with an amazing diamond bracelet. It wasn't my birthday or anniversary−it was a "just because" gift. He called our Private Jeweler the day before he needed the piece delivered to our hotel in California. Joanne knew what I would love and made it happen. It was such a memorable experience for both of us. She's fabulous!

Gary Johnson: Joanne has been Eleanor's and my Private Jeweler since 1992. We've shopped elsewhere but have wondered what kind of value we have received. On a recent trip to Italy we nearly made a significant purchase, but thought better of it and waited to do business with Joanne where we know we will be treated fairly, get incredible value and most importantly peace of mind. That's difficult to find in today's jewelry business.

CK Coles: Joanne and I have worked together on many custom projects over the years. Her design sense and attention to detail are impeccable. She is extremely service oriented and continuously strives to deliver the best product for the least cost, without compromise. I highly recommend Joanne for a fun and instructive tour towards the acquisition of any jewelry piece.

Scott F: My neighbor referred me to Joanne 10 years ago when I was looking for a Christmas gift for my wife. Since then we have done many projects together, all with great success. Joanne delivers a tremendous value as a diamond and colored gemstone broker, and I appreciate the time she spends with us sharing her knowledge of fine jewelry.

I welcome the opportunity to serve
as your Private Jeweler.

Joanne Wright
T 425.313.9523