Are you passionate about your jewelry? Those special pieces that mark life's important passages are even more cherished over the years. From the wedding engagement to the birth of our children, to the triumphant graduation or milestone event, fine jewelry symbolizes love and the abundance of life. It's personal and enduring.

Since 1992 I have served a discerning, private clientele by referral only.

If you are like my clients, you are informed and particular about quality and value. You expect excellent service, especially after the sale. You want good answers to your questions. You expect accountability. And you never pay retail if you can help it. In short, you want a lot.


My unique combination of pricing and service represents the best overall value in the marketplace. You will find my pricing not only fair, but among the lowest available anywhere in the industry, including the Internet. I keep my prices low by keeping my costs low, and you benefit! You also receive patient, personal service that one rarely experiences these days.

How can I be of service to you?

Expert consultation on diamond and
iiigemstone purchases
Custom design and manufacture, featuring
iiiCAD/CAM technology
Exceptional workmanship by Master Jewelers
High-end fashion and bridal jewelry from
iiffamous Designers
High-quality, lower-cost jewelry
iiffrom lesser known Designers
Fine watches, guaranteed authentic
Estate services

Having a jeweler who is your advocate and
who genuinely cares can make a big difference.
Just ask my clients.

Isn’t it time you had your own Private Jeweler?

Joanne Wright
Telephone 425.313.9523

See for yourself what a world of
possibilities is available . . .